Wednesday, February 18, 2015


MS and Sleep! You don’t have to have MS to have sleep issues and you can have sleep issues and not have MS. But when you have MS and sleep issues 2 wrongs definitely do not make a right.

It’s bad enough to have weakness, fatigue, spasms, bladder/bowel issues, stiffnessness, headaches, etc. (you know the drill)… BUT SLEEPLESSNESS! Come on already!

There’s a reason why they use sleep deprivation as a form torture. It’s already a life adjustment and annoyance living with the symptoms of MS but sleep.  But sleep issue adds insult to injury.

Sleep issues could also be part of your “package” with MS.

Here are some things that might be going on:

  • ·      Sleep Apnea. Most people don’t know they have this. Because the sign is snoring. So unless you have someone sharing a bed with some you don’t know you are dong it.  Best bet if you are concerned see a sleep specialist. This could be serious.
  • ·      Nocturia… This can really spoil a night’s sleep! This is an annoying condition happens when ones active bladder continues to wake you up several times during the night to go urinate. So just when you are in the dead of sleep your bladder “knocks on the door”. You get up, got to the bathroom, go back to bed, get back to sleep and your bladder “knocks at the door” again.
  • ·      *
  • ·      Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep PLMS. Imagine having a restful nice sleep and then as if an alien has invaded your legs you get a spasm.  So not only does it wake you up and freak out now you have trouble going back to sleep because you are waiting for her it to happen again.
  • ·      Hypersomnia….Now this one can be so frustrating. Essentially it’s described as “excessive sleepiness” which happens thru out the day. To Aleve this tiredness most people have to take excessive naps, which can be very frustrating and cause anxiety.
  • ·      Narcolepsy…we’ve all heard about it and that’s exactly what it is says an “uncontrollable” desire to sleep.
  • ·      Stress and Depression….that just goes without saying!

For those of you who are anti-medication I completely understand it. But for those of you who are not and you are sick and tired of these symptoms that there are medications to help improve your quality of life.’’

For strategies how sleep better check out this article Author: David Engstrom,PhD, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

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