Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A question to Dr. Kachuck from Part I

In case you missed Part I with Neurologist and MS Research Specialist Dr. Norman Kachuck here it is.........

After this part of the interview I asked Dr. Kachuck what he meant when he said

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ethics of medical practice. How we work as doctors in society what does it mean to be a physician philosophically, psychologically and in terms of neuroscience of being able to somehow control of a body that’s full of things including the immune system and what does consciousness have to do with it?”

His response was:

Doctors today have such a great advantage with all the technology available today. But the problem is that Doctors become so focused and enmeshed in the science they forget that they are dealing with a “person”. Doctors are loosing in his words “human to human” factor and becoming “zombie physicians”.

He goes on to say that physicians must work with patients as a whole, which the technical word  is called biopsychosocial. Which basically means mind, body and spirit.

It’s important for the physician to listen and understand the values and concerns the patient has in terms of their health and their personal values. Doctors today are lacking empathy and compassion, not talking or listening to patients “human to human” and as Dr. Kachuck says, “treating the patient like ‘someone’ instead of ‘something’”.

How do we resolve this, that’s the real question? On one hand you have the doctors who already subscribe to this philosophy who have been practicing for years and then you have doctors who have been practicing for years with no bedside manner at all.

Truth be told medical schools should have a class strictly on this as well as doctors who have to attend annual classes to renew their license.

What can you do? If you feel that you are not being heard or understood by your doctor get rid of her/him. You are worthy of the holistic medical experience. This is your health and you are your #1 priority. Regardless of how “good” the doctor is.

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