Wednesday, February 19, 2014


WARNING!!!!!!!!Only when you are ready!,

 I've said over and over again, WE CANNOT LET THE DISEASE WIN! Yes, there are good days and bad days and taking care of yourself is priority NUMERO UNO. Pushing yourself is not an option.

Because of the disease you may have had to retire from your job and make changes in your lifestyle.
But it doesn't mean life is over. You are still a valuable asset to society! 

It's really important to keep the mind active and growing just as much as the physical body

Let's face it....

Woody Allen said "How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans". No one ever PLANNED to have MS. It's all about changing our perspective, life isn't over. There are still things we can be doing:

Here's a few ideas

  • If you want to get trained in another job contact your local Department of Rehabilitation.
  • If you want to explore learning another language, contact your local community college.
  • Write a blog
  • Become a mentor of whatever you are an expert in
  • Explore drawing or painting. Check out MS World
  • Get active in an organization that near to your heart. It can just be answering phones

The point is you are of VALUE.
You have many gifts to share with the world. This is just another chapter in your life. There are options out there. The key thing is not allowing yourself to go into isolation, because as we all know one of the symptoms of MS is DEPRESSION.

Start making a list of things you always wanted to do in your whole life! It doesn't cost any money! It's free to imagine and fantasize, when any voice enters your head that says "you can't do that" or "we can't afford it" say to the voice, "Thank you for sharing, but right now we are having fun". 

Here's the deal, MS has put obstacles in our way. We may not be able to do things the way we used to, but where there is a will there is a way. Without hope and a dream life seems impossible. Keep telling yourself ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. ANYTHING. Be the CHAMPION OF YOUR LIFE.

Please write in and tell us the thing you want to do...

Until then, Stay Empowered,

Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

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