Thursday, January 2, 2014

WATCH OUT 2014!!!!!!!

Watch out 2014!!!!!!!! The Unstoppable Multiple Sclerosis Revolution is breaking out this year. We have a lot of exciting plans to keep you, your family and your team of supporters

There are things we can do to improve our quality of life. Yeah, at times it can be a pain in the rear end filling out all the different forms and providing information REPEATEDLY, continuing to make phone calls to see if your “case” is being processed. But just like the lottery you cannot complain if you don’t buy ticket. Make this the year you take ACTION  on things you KNOW that can IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE. You know what it is.... people tell you about it all the time, you think about it and it never gets done. That’s why we're excited here at Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution.

The year inspires us to take action make NEW BEGININGS
There is so much information, technology and assistance available for people whose lives who have been affected by Multiple Sclerosis, it can be tedious and cumbersome, but it's in an investment in you and your physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Food for thought:

Write down 1 thing  you would like to accomplish this year to help Empower Yourself against the disease.

For example:

  • Explore different kinds of exercise.
  • Explore Meditation
  • Get involved in an MS Support Group
  • Be part of a fundraiser for MS
  • MS Walk 
  • Swim for MS
  • Bike For MS 
  • Become a MS Ambassador
  • Become a MS Activist
  • Find a  new doctor
  • Find organizations and charities  that you can apply for financial assistance for medical equipment.
  • get accessible equipment

After you’ve made your decision, write out a plan on how you are going to accomplish it and lastly share it with 2 friends.  Please write below what you are going to do, so you can help inspire the rest of us.

That’s the biggest gift you can give to yourself in 2014.

Our next blog is going to outline Multiple Sclerosis Revolution intentions for 2014.

Until then stay empowered,

Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

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