Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Take Care of Yourself During a FLARE UP

Definition of the word FLARE:
• a device producing a bright flame, used esp. as a signal or marker 

Of course their are other definitions. But I thought this a great one pertaining to MS

  • Bright flame....sound like inflammation. This a warning sign that something is being inflamed in our bodies. 
  • I love this last part as a signal or a marker.

Most who have Multiple Sclerosis would like to be in denial. Which stands for Don't Even (K)no(w) I Am Lying. We keep pushing through even though we have been given signs that "danger" is up ahead. Our brain tells us to ignore it and it's easy to forget our body has the last say. 

You KNOW the WARNING signs. Now you must take action or the body will do it for you! This is where we need to ask for, accept help, take a nap, watch TV or whatever it is to slow yourself down. Because if you don't....wherever there' a small FLARE if ignored can  become A HUGE FLARE UP.

MS does not discriminate. It affects all genders, races, religions and sexual preferences. This is a great article printed by Black Health Matters and it pertains to EVERYONE.

Thank you Roslyn Daniels, her cousin is fighting the good fight with this disease.

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! Please send this to anyone who can benefit from these postings. Also please feel free to comment below. Together we can grow and help each other out.

Until the, Stay Empowered

Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

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