Friday, November 15, 2013

In case you missed it....a box set

Sheer Pleasure and Inspiration

I had the great honor to interview this fabulous couple. Jennifer and Dan Digmann Authors of "Despite MS, To Spite MS". 

Their story is inspirational and their book is a breath of fresh air. In case you missed it these are the links for the You Tube interviews.

Part I "Meet Jennifer"
Part II "Meet Dan"

To Order Their Book and Be Part of Their Blog

Our Next blog comes out next week. Have a terrific weekend.
Until then, stay empowered!
Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

Thursday, November 14, 2013

FINALE ...."Despite MS, To Spite MSa

In this last video hear what it's like living and sharing a life with 2 different kinds of MS .......Check it Out

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Despite MS, To Spite MS" Part III "How Jen and Dan Met"

How They Met......... 
Check this out
Out of the "orange colored sky" ..... find out how the Digmann's met!

To Buy their book........
or on Amazon

"Despite MS, To Spite MS" Part IV "Community and Stories"

Great things can happen ..........
In this video you'll hear stories you probably can identify....

It's only 5 minutes....Check it out

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Despite MS, To Spite MS" Part II "Meet Dan"

Meet the Digmann's
Part II "Meet Dan"click here to watch (4minutes long)

Who's Dan Digmann?
Co-Author of "Despite MS, To Spite MS" along with his wife Jennifer who both are affected by the disease of Multiple Sclerosis.

Look at previous email
All of the Digmann's information and how to buy their book is located in the previous blog!

Are an awesome couple and they are truly living "Despite MS, To Spite MS"

Join the revolution in supporting them!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Despite MS, TO Spite MS" Part 1

Meet the Digmann's
Today Meet Jennifer click here to view

One day I was trolling around on twitter looking at different MS groups. In my search I found a posting from @DanJenDig. I investigated who they were because their picture looked as if it were a book cover. Then I looked at their website and I heard part of their story. But more importantly I LOVED the title of their book "Despite MS, to Spite MS". I found it completely in alignment with Multiple Sclerosis Revolution's Mission

I contacted them......
They were so lovely and couldn't be nicer or sweeter! I told them I wanted to feature them on my first interview. They were so accommodating and generous.

Please excuse....
This being Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution's first interview via Skype the quality of the video is a little grainy during this series of interviews with the Digmann's.

"Despite MS, To Spite MS" is a lovely, sweet book about a husband and wife who are both affected by Multiple Sclerosis. 
It's inspirational, funny and thought provoking. 

A portion of their book profits goes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Camp Courageous a camp for individuals with disabilities and respite time for caregivers.

You can contact them:
Twitter: @DanJenDig
Face Book: Dan and Jen Digmann