Friday, October 4, 2013

Exercise for the Brain

You are not loosing your mind. I often say “I ought a give that person a piece of my mind, but I can’t I need that piece.

Cognition issues affect about 50% of the MS population. It may manifest as a memory issue or struggling for words, concentration, planning, constructional. You may have one or two of these issues, several or none at all, but everyone needs to be creating strategies to keep their mind “fit”. Whether it's doing puzzles, learning a new language, or developing strategies that will help you feel empowered like writing reminders in your phone, keeping a journal or post its around the house. Whatever it is to makes you feel empowered. There's an article posted below to read more about Cognition.

Suggestions to help yourself:

The important thing is to keep your mind active, not 24 hours a day. But just as important physical exercise we need our mental exercise as well. Until then..... Stay empowered!

If you have any suggestions please, please comment below...this is how we can all grow.

Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution 

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