Friday, October 11, 2013

Did you know MS patients qualify for United Spinal Cord Injury Association

Did you know.........I didn't

In February of 2013 I went to the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, California. I highly recommend going. It's worth the adventure. You'll learn about services and equipment that you never knew would be available to you and that you could qualify for benefits. They have classes and workshops. If you have problems walking and stamina Pride Mobility had scooters available to use. It's a chance to educated and more importantly be part of a community. I met a  Vietnam Veteran named Larry who had the same scooter and offered to let me borrow his charger because mine went DEAD (no one's fault but mine). And guess what in a city as big as Los Angeles I've seen him scootering around at least twice!

I found lots of great resources.  I'll share with you  one today is the United Spinal Cord Injury Association. MS patients qualify for their services because MS affects the spinal cord. Go figure! I met this lovely lady, Lynn Murray who gave me that information she is the founder of the Placerville Mobility Support Group.

Her newsletters are filled with great information. This one is a survey you fight find helpful about Medicaid

Check out her website and see if the United Spinal Cord Injury Association can help you out.

If you have any other resources please post them below in the COMMENTS....


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  1. Thanks. This is great information. I will share this on my MS blog
    (Did I Mention My MS)

    I came across your website on LinkedIn and I read about how you've had MS in your life since you were 6. I plan to follow you because I am interested in learning more about you and anything that you have to say.