Thursday, September 19, 2013

Self Talk

SELF TALK!!!!!!!!

It’s the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and having a disease like MS affect our lives whether living with the disease in your body or caring for someone and the unpredictability, can be maddening is our INNER DIALOGUE! A person can become extremely frustrated and angry. Angry at a higher power, life and body. At times feeling powerless and sometimes helpless. Yes, there is symptom management and there are tools to take better care of ourselves and feel better. But let’s face it surrendering to a new life style comes with it’s own bag of @#$@. Our minds don’t understand why things can’t keep going the way they always did. Our mind tells us one thing and our body says another. When you are having a "bad" day, how do you talk to YOURSELF?

With a disease like Multiple Sclerosis there is already a battle going on within the immune system. The “good guys” are fighting the “good guys” the last thing we need to be doing to ourselves is adding “salt” and inflame the wound. How do we do that? By negative inner self talk. We are probably doing it and don’t even know it. Cursing our bodies for not performing the way it used too. Is this how you would treat someone you love? Of course NOT! Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. Is it loving? Compassionate? Understanding? Forgiving? This is where self talk comes in. Reminding yourself that you are doing the best you can right now--give yourself the DIGNITY to be sad, but don't beat yourself up!  We are not saying it’s easy, but the opposite does more harm than good. Remember stress can cause more harm than good in your body, that's for everyone, but a person with MS it can be for lack of a better word "crippling".

It can be difficult when  our mind makes commitments that at times our bodies cannot fulfill. So our question to you at Multiple Sclerosis Revolution is how do you handle or recognize your self-talk? How do you become your own personal cheerleader?

Until then remind yourself you are brave, courageous, strong and powerful.
Write it on a post it all over your house and put it as a reminder on your phone. Why? Because YOU are worth it!

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Until then stay strong and empowered,

Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

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