Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to the Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

Welcome to the Multiple Sclerosis Revolution

               Does the information you read about MS seem totally confusing and overwhelming?
               Do you need financial assistance to buy medical equipment that will help improve your quality of life?
               Did you know there is more than one-way to do core strengthening exercises?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We're the Multiple Sclerosis Revolution, a site and resources to help Patients, Family and Caregivers whose lives have been impacted by MS. 

At MS Revolution, our aim is to arm you with the innovative tools to help empower and educate you and your family. We're also here to inspire and motivate you to get you thinking and feeling differently about MS. Welcome to the revolution.

About page:

We are a solution-based organization. Our primary purpose is to inform and remind you that you have more power than you know in regards to this disease and the care of your financial, physical and spiritual health. There’s a lot of great information out there and available to our community that you may not already know. A lot of the info out there can improve the quality of your overall life. It’s the mission of Team Multiple Sclerosis Revolution’s to provide suggestions that may offer solutions no matter what
stage of the disease you might be affected by.

We'd love you to be part of our REVOLUTION....JUST SIGN UP BELOW
Until we meet again:

Check out the plethora of information on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America and MS Foundation. They are excellent resources for reclaiming your life.

"All content is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the author. All content strictly opinion and perspective of the Multiple Sclerosis Revolution and release any l liability. Users are urged to consult with their own professionals to make an informed decision regarding their health and other information provided here.”

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